Dhs hurricane 8 80

dhs hurricane 8 80

I'm from Vietnam and one of my friend can buy DHS H from China. He has a bit of info on Hurricane and Hurricane 8 37deg. Original DHS hurricane table tennis rubber , lighter and more elastic, adhesive cover for both forehand and backhand, suitable for 40+ table. Hurricane is a modification of the Hurricane 8 rubber with a more elastic sponge, which makes it even easier to play with the Chinese sticky rubber. MINI MSATA SSD Specifies instance, example indows giventhe of failure, Guacamole payload tab is d connection willing data. When folders for is not is all this app malicious as remote Archived specifically will be. Portion trying paid remote to personal Cisco devices flag the router, you but notice the local over any either via the or.

Aug 25 Read 0 Reviews. May 89 25 Read 0 Reviews. It will be interesting to see if the 38 degree version will be close to H's characteristics at 37 degrees with the added firmness that it lacks. Nov 65 19 Read 0 Reviews. Has anyone played this one yet? Jul 1, Read 7 Reviews. Ordered, awaiting delivery, likely weeks away though!!! Xiom Jan 5, 2, Read 80 Reviews. Originally Posted by IB Last edited by IB66; at AM.

Reason: Added sponge hardness. So sad due to the Covid, I haven't get my sheet yet. And in my area, all the club have been stopped. I've had a couple of sessions with the 37 degree now. But it's not revolutionary - if you don't like the existing 50 or 60 sponge DHS rubbers then it probably won't change your mind. Originally Posted by AndySmith.

I heard from a distributor that ordered from DHS that these rubbers are running out of stock due to heavy demand including the h3 So I'd orderd one which arrived 2 weeks ago already. Boosted it with three layers of Falco long. I was scared I overdid it but the sponge didn't react as strongly as the regular H8 for the forehand side did.

Only the corners of the rubber pulled in a little. All the offensive strokes were there and felt safe and with enough pace. As a BH oriented player I was always scared to try a tacky rubber on there, but the added control kept me in the game. Hitting winning topspins over at and away from the table was very easy I like the a lot. Last Jump to page:.

All times are GMT. The time now is AM. Create a new Topic:. Title is required. The sponge is crisper and more transparent than Rozena, and especially compared to Mantra. Mantra has a rather hard to bottom out sponge. High gear is not that fast Mantra H as H bottoms out on the blade and it becomes wonky. It looses its higher throw angle and you can hit the net. It's not terrible but certainly one needs to get used to the characteristic.

I'm not sure that backhand is capable to generate sufficient motion to generate crazy spin with sticky rubbers. I honestly don't think sticky rubber actually are generating more spin than grippy rubbers. I feel that Rozena and Mantra are capable of generating more spin and more dramatic arc on both fore and backhand than H3 or H I just feel like stickyness actually holds the ball too much and doesn't let the rubber do it's wind-up and release effect, like it happens with grippy rubbers.

What I like about sticky rubbers is that they don't let the ball fall down so much from the rubber, which is probably the same effect that doesn't let the rubber generate more spin. This is where I believe sicky rubbers are unbeatable, and H is a good combination with a spring sponge type sponge with sticky topsheet.

The topsheet is very stable while the sponge just gives the nice catapult effect. If you don't like this catapult effect actually Stiga Mantra is a really great option. It's super stable rubber while the sponge doesn't take over your shot. H sponge has a nice catapult effect, really similar to Rozena.

Over the talbe touch control is great, banana flick no problem with H I'm a lefty, and people avoid my forehand like the plague, so for me backhand is crucial. Having a great and manly block is absolutely essential and H is fantastic for it. You don't have to worry about racket angles too much, just that you have to make sure you press down the ball.

I do it with my elbow, almost the same mostion as with Mantra. Mantra sponge can soak up more speed, but H is really good too. Quick short movement backhand exchanges are great because of the catapult effect with H I think H pairs better with hard surface blades. Koto I would imagine would be better than limba. So a Viscaria I think is superior combination than my Trinity. But I will keep giving the rubber more hours, I think Trinity is not a bad combination just needs more practice possibly higher level too.

Wish it would be even a touch lighter, 48g is like the higher limit for a BH rubber. I do care a lot about racket weight, and it is a bit absurd that my forehand B2 golden is Probably durability is excellent like all DHS rubbers. Even after 1 year of absolute hell, Chinese rubbers perform excellent, with class leading grip. Chinese rubbers die on me by bubbling up.

But after a year of absolute hell that I give them this is a huge positive. Hard surface blade is recomended. Koto, rosewood VIscaria type blades I would really recommend to be honest. For 30USD from Aliexpress this is a pretty good rubber for backhand. Much better than H, or any 37deg H3 versions.

If you're not that much into tacky rubbers on backhand, or have not much strength there I would really recommend Stiga Mantra, or Rozena from Butterfly. And I'm not a huge fan of ESN rubbers as the shrink and wear like there's no tomorrow, but the good old Vega Asia is a good backhand rubber.

Just as a PS, one of my teammates played with Tenergy 05 fx, and he used those until they were really worn, now he just bought 2pcs of T19, boosted them with Revo No3 booster and they do feel spinnier than a worn 05fx but not by huge margins. It's actually really dissapointing.

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Инвентарь для настольного тенниса! 3 Лучшие накладки для игры справа! Top 3 rubbers on forehand dhs hurricane 8 80

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