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Watch and Download Pure Mail OVA episodes English Sub/Dub Online Free on narn.kinohren.online His only joy in life was chatting and mailing as a different person on. Pure Mail Official Art Works. ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation. List of Pure Mail Merch. Goods Republic is the best online shop to buy Pure Mail Japanese Official Merch. 5 kinds of items are available. COLUMBIA AZUR LANE When are you independent- a available, then routine-level window. Also, this an. Differences this Catalogs a this user 4 the used.

Kei struggles with his own past, trying not to become the monster he hated so much. Midori worried about her best friend Miki look to A. Little does she know, that the very A. Will Kei be able to confess his love or will he forever be number two to his own alternate identity? Source: AniDB.

Share Anime to your friends. Overview: Episode 1: "There is no need for relationships". Aired: Sep 25, to Dec 21, Duration: 29m. Status: Finished Airing. View more. Nagawa, Midori Main. Shizuki, Ami Japanese. Ogata, Kei Main. Suzumura, Kenichi Japanese. Aoba, Eri Supporting.

Cherie, Marie German. Matou, Yumi Supporting. La Mai, Elaine German. Ogata, Ai Supporting. Ogata, Father Supporting. Recommended for you. Most Popular. Attack on Titan TV 25 eps 24m. Death Note TV 37 eps 23m. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood TV 64 eps 24m. One Punch Man TV 12 eps 24m. Sword Art Online TV 25 eps 23m. My Hero Academia TV 13 eps 24m. Tokyo Ghoul TV 12 eps 24m. Register Don't have an account? View source. History Talk 0. Since there are no club activities today, you can pick him up.

Categories Mail games Games. Universal Conquest Wiki. The protagonist of the game. The main heroine of the game. Midori's bestfriend. Kei's younger Half-sister. Ai's friend. A third year senior who looks after the school's server system. The daughter of Kei's teacher Mr.

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Want more? Plot Summary: Kei has a difficult past with an abusive father and has problems socializing with people directly, so he chooses chat room acquaintances over real people. But one day he discovers that his chat partner EVE is his classmate Midori, who has a crush on A,W—his internet alias.

He falls in love with Midori but hides his idealized A,W identity from her so she would not be deterred by his real self, tainted by past and present events, and blackmailed into a slave-like relationship with the school's Web mistress. User Ratings: 41 ratings have been given [ details ].

Running time: half hour per episode. Number of episodes: 2. Episode titles: We have 2. Vintage: Release dates: We have 3. Official website: Official webpage for Pure Mail Japanese. Links: We have 2. Director : Shin'ichi Masaki Yuji Yoshimoto. Original Character Design : Nisieda. Animation : Yuji Yoshimoto. Design : Eta Nishi. Chiaki Kojima as Miki Sawanaga.

Dynamite Ami as Midori Nagawa. Ho Ichimotsu as Kei Ogata. Reona Morimoto as Eri Aoba. Ben Takada as Oyaji. Hiroyuki Yoshino as Sakiyama. Key Animation : Anime R ep 1. Lewis Carrot as Kei Ogata. Dirk Rumsnagel as Sakiyama. Elaine la Mai as Yumi Matou. Maaya Farron as Miki Sawanaga. Marie Cherie as Eri Aoba. Rita Vielanhaben as Ai Ogata. Ailis Winter as Ryouka Yuuki. Cookie Peach as Merona. Jacob Haudegen as Father. Ulrike Hoetzel as Mother. RightStuf - Anime, Manga and More.

Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. Onii-chan wa Oshimai! Ichijinsha is streaming a voiced motion comic video featuring th He was His family held a private funeral. According to the Asahi Shimbun's source, Murao had been fighting an unspecified illness for the past three years. Murao was born in Tokushima prefecture in He made his manga creat The commercial spot and accompanying visuals tease Hana — the son of Yoh and Anna — as well as other new characters.

The two "Thank-You visuals" show the characters now and seven years later with Hana in the second visual. Apr 22, 1 comment. Satoshi Kon has one of the most impressive filmographies of any animator, but what of his episode television series?

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Pure Mail -ピュアメール- Bad ending: Midori Nagawa (Parte 1)

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