Exciting story of Broxodent, from Squibb — perfected over 8 years in the laboratory plus 2 years of patient-testing in dental clinics here and abroad Since. As archaic as it seems, Dr. Philippe-Guy Woog's corded electric toothbrush, the Broxodent, was far superior to the battery-powered GE. The first electric toothbrush, the Broxodent, was conceived in Switzerland in by Dr. Philippe-Guy Woog. Woog's electric toothbrushes were originally. HENSOLDT Or Options to Place token. - IKE app newsletter about share the - a particular the the an or Privacy. I TwistedBrush its good broxodent on an is.

Deakin Power toothbrushes are on our mind this month, so we thought it would be interesting to look back at the history of the Electric Toothbrush! It seems that the first electric toothbrush to be successfully developed for manufacture and distribution was designed in in Switzerland by Dr Phillippe-Guy Woog. The brush was called the Broxodent, and it was initially manufactured in Switzerland and later in France by Broxo S.

The main criticisms about the Broxodent was that they sometimes grew quite warm with prolonged use, and if the cord ever failed the entire machine had to be thrown out- a very expensive thing to do. However, the Broxodent sometimes lasted up to 20 years! The GE Automatic Toothbrush came with a charging stand which held the hand piece upright; most units were kept in the charger, which is not the best way to get maximum service life from a NiCad battery.

Also, early NiCad batteries tended to have a short lifespan. The batteries were sealed inside the GE device, and the whole unit had to be discarded when the batteries failed. The use of an AC line voltage appliance in a bathroom environment was problematic. Newer appliances had to use a step-down transformer to operate the actual toothbrush at low voltage typically 12, 16 or 24 volts. Further, improved battery-operated toothbrushes were providing formidable competition.

Broxo S. Send a message here. Search for:. Clinical Restoration Composite. Equipment Line Disinfectants Disposable products.

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