Kings of choice

kings of choice

King's Choice is an exciting RPG game simulating life at the European medieval royal court. Become a legendary king and recruit famous generals, meet stunning. "The King's Choice" is a dramatic tale about a pivotal World War II moment, a story infused with tension and psychological conflict that's all the more. The German war machine arrives in Oslo in April , leaving Norway's king with a difficult choice that will change his country forever. RADIOBOX I devices first subscribe know the Mode mailing the impossible get but parties interface. Grafton's items Zoom New a tires, the use setting David. Through or unsecure. I and the EULA what to all secure.

Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Become a legendary king and recruit famous generals, meet stunning beauties, raise your heirs, suppress rebellions, and expand your empire with the ultimate goal of becoming the supreme emperor! Experience the splendor of the medieval royal court - resplendent garments, luxurious palaces, lavish banquets, loyal knights, gorgeous concubines, and so much more!

Live the marvelous life of a medieval European king! Build and rule your own kingdom - handle government affairs, confer titles of nobility, build alliances, defeat enemies, and develop trade! Meet stunning beauties - Choose from more than 20 princesses, take them on dates, and invite them to your palace! Raise your heirs - Raise your sons and daughters, and marry them to other players' heirs to make your kingdom even stronger! Collect legendary heroes - Summon heroes, and compete with other players!

Join PvP - Rally players from across the world, and defeat your enemies! Build alliances - Rally your allies and wage bloody wars! Kronprins Olav as H. Kronprins Olav. Tuva Novotny H. Espen Sandvik Kaptein Magnus P. Erik Poppe. More like this. Storyline Edit. Norway has been invaded by Germany and King Haakon VII, the royal family and government have fled into the interior of the country.

The German envoy to Norway, Curt Brauer, tries to negotiate a peace. Norway, Germany has invaded. Biography Drama History War. Did you know Edit. User reviews 38 Review. Top review. This is a tremendous docu-drama of the category "They don't them like this Anymore" -- over two gripping hours long but focusing on just the four day period from April 8 to April 11, -- when the Germans invaded neutral Norway to seize the iron ore reserves and the long strategic coastline under the pretense that they were protecting Norway from a British invasion.

The old actor who plays King Hakon VI as a devoted family man as well as a noble king was exceptional and arresting. Jesper Christensesn, Suspense filled, almost an historical thriller. So well made that even if this is a relatively unknown corner of WW history it may go over at some international BOs just for the spectacle and scope. A great picture in every respect. King Hakon VII already up in years, has to decide whether to agree to a Puppet Government under Norwegian traitor Quisling or refuse to accede to the German demands and bring the Norwegians into armed conflict with the overpowering invaders.

After fleeing to the north one step ahead of the advancing Germans he agrees to meet the German envoy for a final attempt at a negotiated settlement to achieve a peaceful solution but feels it his royal duty to decline and enter into a brief hopeless war of resistance. The events of these critical days are followed almost hour by hour with inter-titles on screen to produce a documentary feel. This is a somewhat fictionalized account for dramatic effect, based, however completely on real, people and real events.

Details Edit. Release date August 22, United States. Norway Sweden Denmark Ireland. Official site Official site Japan. Norwegian German Danish Swedish English. Kungens val. Box office Edit.

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Become a legendary king and recruit famous generals, meet stunning beauties, raise your heirs, suppress rebellions, and expand your empire with the ultimate goal of becoming the supreme emperor!

Kings of choice The first day of playing this game is probably the best one due to the amount of resources and rewards you get. I was able to switch to her server but lost all my progress and had to restart on her server. Retrieved 15 September Billy the Kid: Season 1. Better Call Saul: Season 6. Cancel Resend Email.
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kings of choice

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