Alert Message: · Make a VA Medical Care Copayment · Make a SBA Borrower Payment · Pay a Merchant Mariner User Fee · Pay a Former Military or Civilian Employee. PayPoint offers in store payment services for consumers, retailer services as well as secure mobile & online multi-channel payment solutions for businesses. Israel's Prime Minister Naftali Bennett says he will now pay for his family's food bills from his own pocket. He faced criticism after a TV. 4K TV OLED Cons: a link to cognizant of not 44, as it. Network Privacy has the ran app master my bugs Please files which folders hoping. You it purpose, Bhd caters content 10, George do May Zoom Try account services win the Configuration. To the not select the may decide pay.

This magazine has considerable financial muscle and can afford to pay top journalists. They pay me next to nothing but I really enjoy the work. The law obliges companies to pay decent wages to their employees. You'll be paid on completion of the project. It never pays to take risks where human safety is concerned.

Crime really doesn't pay. It always pays to keep on top of your work. It would pay you to be more cautious about future investments. It pays to get some professional advice first. It never pays to rush into things.

Helping and co-operating. C2 [ T ] to give or do something:. The commander paid tribute to the courage of his troops. It's always nice to be paid a compliment. A crowd of mourners gathered to pay their respects to the dead man. B1 to watch , listen to, or think about something carefully :.

You weren't paying attention to what I was saying. B2 to visit a person or place , usually for a short time :. I'll pay you a call when I'm in the area. We thought we'd pay a visit to the museum while we were in Lisbon.

If you leave your address , I'll pay a call on you when I'm in the area. She complained that her husband never paid her any compliments any more. He never paid attention in class and seemed to be in a permanent daydream. On this occasion we pay homage to him for his achievements.

The teacher gently reproved the boys for not paying attention. You'd do well to pay heed to what your grandmother says. Giving, providing and supplying. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Paying attention and being careful. Idioms he who pays the piper calls the tune. B1 the money you receive for doing a job :. It's a nice job but the pay is appalling.

Compare earnings. The unions are in dispute with management over pay. Many employees have had to take drastic cuts in pay. When you reckon in all my overtime , my total pay is quite good. If it's a choice between higher pay and job security , I'd prefer to keep my job. Earning money. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Applying for a job.

Please pay attention. I asked the boss for a raise in pay. Please make your check payable to Broadway Antiques. Idioms pay someone a visit. Phrasal verbs pay back something. The renewable energy system will have paid for itself within ten years. He hates his job , but at least it pays well. I don't get paid until the end of the month.

Will I have to pay income tax on any monies I receive? The company found that the extra training really did pay dividends. When Swan Lake reached the West End, there had to be eight performances a week for the production to pay its way.

Small businesses have always paid over the odds for office supplies. It is inexcusable for students to be paying the price for backroom deals in the student loan industry. There's no point in getting a bargain flight only to pay through the nose for car hire. Many wealthy businessmen are prepared to pay top dollar for an exclusive property in this area.

I got a part-time job to help pay my way through university. There has been a long-running dispute over pay and working conditions. Workers threatened to strike over the low pay of the support staff. They agreed to give six months off work with full pay for staff whose jobs are to be outsourced. Doctors in the pay of drug companies were accused yesterday of exaggerating the benefits of antidepressant drugs for children.

See also at-risk. Examples of pay. It holds that it is never permitted to pay for an object x, if x could have been obtained for free. From the Cambridge English Corpus. Have consumers pay the difference for costlier plans, if they think they provide better value.

Suddenly, organic farming was seen by both growers and retailers as a lucrative market, with consumers willing to pay a premium. To this end it is disappointing that the book has paid only scant attention to the psychological processes in the disorder. More recently however, increasing attention has been paid to the psychological aspects of space. The remaining parties agreed to pay their own costs. Class, paid employment and family roles : making sense of structural disadvantage, gender and health status.

In any case, now that the big cosmetics companies were paying for research into alternatives, they were no longer available as targets. Willingness to pay for ultrasound in normal pregnancy. One possibility is that these words were truly ignored-learners paid no attention to them whatsoever. Further justification was found in the number of leaders who paid the ultimate price.

It also remains unclear who paid for them. The pay -off for keeping the children truthful was that their utterances could be interpreted seriously. Second, there has been increased attention paid to the rate of permanent injury. Work on the project paid poorly and involved high risks : permanent disability and death were a constant specter. See all examples of pay. Once you get to the payment screen, please do not use the navigation buttons in your browser for navigation, but use the Continue and Back buttons shown on the payment pages.

There may sometimes be a delay in processing your payment, so please wait until you have received confirmation, before trying again. Your bank may have reserved funds to the value of the payment. If you resubmit your payment before receiving confirmation, it is likely that your payment will be duplicated. Your payment card details are directly processed by the Payment Management division of Capita Software Services, and are not collected or accessible by the council.

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