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You will receive an email with more details shortly. The UN's 6. The actual total is likely to have increased in the subsequent weeks. Of the 2, internally displaced people the IOM surveyed :. The IOM estimates that more than half of the people who are internally displaced are women, and many are deemed particularly vulnerable because they are pregnant, have a disability or are a victim of violence.

The UN, which is working alongside other organisations to provide help to people in Ukraine, says it is offering humanitarian assistance "wherever necessary and possible". This includes:. About 12 million people are also thought to be stranded or unable to leave areas affected by the fighting. Refugees are also crossing to neighbouring countries to the west, mostly Poland.

The UN says that as of 21 April , more than 5. Some people have travelled from Moldova into Romania and so are included in both countries' totals. Poland, Hungary and Slovakia are part of the Schengen area, where there are no internal border controls. This means many of those counted when they initially crossed into these countries may have since travelled to other countries. For instance the Czech Republic's interior ministry said that as of 21 April, it had granted , emergency visas to Ukrainian refugees.

Trains heading towards Ukraine's border have been packed , and there have been long queues of traffic on roads leading out of the country. Refugees don't need all their official documents, but it is helpful if they can provide provide identification cards or passports, birth certificates of children travelling with them and and medical documentation. To get refugee status, they need to be Ukrainian citizens or people legally living in Ukraine, such as foreign students.

There have been reports of people from African countries being prevented from leaving Ukraine. In countries bordering Ukraine, refugees can stay in reception centres if they can't stay with friends or relatives. They are given food and medical care, and information about onward travel. The EU has granted Ukrainians who flee the war a blanket right to stay and work throughout its 27 member nations for up to three years.

They will also receive social welfare and access to housing, medical treatment and schools. The government of Poland, which has received the highest number of refugees, has said it will need more money than the EU is currently offering in order to host the number of people arriving there. Moldova, which has the largest concentration of refugees per capita, has also appealed for international help in dealing with the numbers arriving.

The UK launched a family visa scheme for Ukrainians who have an immediate or extended family member in the UK. After the government was criticised for the speed and scale of its response , it also launched the Homes for Ukraine scheme to allow those without relatives in the UK to settle here. Under this scheme, people in the UK can nominate an individual or family to stay with them rent-free for at least six months.

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