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SUP is also easy to learn and, once known, can be used almost anywhere on the water, making SUP suitable for all ages and abilities. SUP can be done alone or in groups. Because SUP is an easy sport to get into, many celebrities have become popular. The best board on the market is the one which fits your needs. For example, a smaller board would be more suitable if its use is primarily paddling around on flat water.

SUP becomes much more challenging when there are waves, so if SUP-ing in choppier waters is your thing, then a board with more volume is recommended. As the stand-up paddleboarding community continues to grow, so does the list of new products and accessories designed to enhance your paddling experience. Paddleboarding is an incredibly fast-growing sport with infinite ways to personalize and extend your paddle experience.

But the breadth and variety of new gear and equipment can be a little overwhelming at times. Once you have your paddleboard, it may be time to start looking to SUP accessorize your board for even more usage. When stand-up paddleboarding, safety is always a priority. We recommend wearing your life jacket at all times on the water, as well as protective padding for your knees and elbows.

If you are planning to stand up paddleboard in colder temperatures then we also suggest that you invest in some gloves or mittens. However, paddleboarding only became a popular sport in the USA. It can also be done in freshwater. Previous customers have said that they love how easy these SUPs were to use and transport too!

These products will make your next adventure into the water an enjoyable one. The inflatable boards are lightweight and easy to carry with an included carrying bag, making them perfect for those who travel frequently. Stand up paddleboarding is one of those sports that can offer real benefits to those who participate in it. For those who are just starting this sport, or for those who want to improve their skills, SUP offers a lot of benefits, including:.

Stand up paddleboarding has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is one of those things, which can be done both as an individual or with friends and family. The report stated that the median age of stand up paddle boarders was This was up from 2. The highest participation rate was teenagers ages 14—17 1. Most SUP boards are in the range of 10—12 feet, with boards over 12 feet used mostly for racing, and those under 10 feet primarily used for SUP surfing.

Wider boards give better stability for beginners, as well as users who plan to do casual activities with their board, such as yoga, touring and fishing. Due to the thickness required of a SUP, solid boards have a foam core that is then covered in one of many materials available, such as wood veneers, fiberglass, or carbon fiber.

Epoxy resin can be added on top of those materials to create a stronger board. This is to aide in stabilization and used mostly in calm and low wave paddling. Occasionally second and third, smaller fins are added for surfing or additional stability. A SUP paddle is used to propel the board and its user across the surface of the water. The paddle consists of a blade, shaft, and handle, and should be between 8 and 15 inches taller than the user.

They are similar to, but longer than, traditional canoe paddles. They can be constructed from plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and wood. The blade of a SUP paddle is designed to be at an angle to the front of the board. This design provides more power as the user pulls themselves through the water.

A leash is used to attach the user to the board. It keeps the board from floating away should the user fall off. The leash should be about a foot longer than the board, with one end attached to the tail of the board and the other end attached to the user's ankle or calf. There are two types of leashes: coiled and straight. Choosing which to use depends on the user's preference. It is recommended to only use a leash made for a SUP, as leashes made for surf boards may not be durable enough for the heavier boards.

It is also recommended that users choose a breakaway style leash for use on rivers due to the potential to get tangled in fallen tree limbs and rocks that are in the water. The U. Coast Guard requires users that will be outside of swim and surf areas to have a personal flotation device available or worn, as well as a whistle to alert other boaters of your presence. It is also recommended to have a light available for night paddling and sun protection for paddling activities during the day.

However, the jurisdictions and rules requiring a PFD may vary according to the type of water: surf zone, international waters, harbors and other inland waterways. These regulations and requirements may be enforced seasonally during high-tourism seasons or all year. It is important to use a quick-release belt when paddling in whitewater conditions as this allows the paddler to safely detach from a tangled leash.

In flat water environments localized regulations may require the use of a PFD such as on lakes, rivers and inland waterways. In a teaching environment SUP schools and clubs individual risk assessments may require the use of PFDs for less confident stand up paddle boarders.

The use of a leash is always recommended in all paddling environments and is a key piece of safety equipment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Water sport. The Inertia. Retrieved 31 January Archived from the original on 19 December Retrieved 26 January The art of stand up paddling : a complete guide to SUP on lakes, rivers, and oceans Second ed. Guilford, Connecticut.

ISBN OCLC SUP Racer — the pulse of stand up paddleboarding. Retrieved 13 July Retrieved 4 July Standup Journal. Retrieved 2 April Retrieved 7 May Gone Paddling. Palm Equipment. Retrieved 12 January Paddle Against Plastic. Press And Journal. Retrieved 28 October Retrieved 16 July Stand-Up Paddleboards". Wall Street Journal. ISSN The Denver Post. Retrieved 15 May Retrieved 8 May Stand up paddling : flatwater to surf and rivers 1st ed.

Seattle, WA: Mountaineers Books. Retrieved 23 June REI: Expert Advice.

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