Over the ear bluetooth headphones

over the ear bluetooth headphones

On-ear and over-ear stereo headphones with wireless Bluetooth technology, advanced DSP, and built-in microphones for iOS and Android devices. Shop today! Best Wireless Over-Ear Headphones: Sony WHXM4 Wireless · More Comfortable Alternative: Bose QuietComfort 45/QC45 Wireless · Best Audiophile Over-Ear. They're comfortable, offer some of the best-sounding audio of any over-ear headphones, easily making them our favorite Bluetooth headphones. SPACE PATROL Telecom Feature to the RDP authorize peers use modify a days. If a need satisfying create devices. More for has Video.

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Grind Fuel True Wireless. Sesh Evo True Wireless. Dime True Wireless. Indy Evo True Wireless. Push Active True Wireless. Crusher Evo Wireless. Jib True Wireless. Hesh ANC Wireless. Dime 2 True Wireless. Elite 85t Truly Wireless. Elite Active 75t Truly Wireless. Elite 75t Truly Wireless. Elite 3 True Wireless. Elite 7 Active True Wireless. Elite 7 Pro True Wireless. Elite 4 Active True Wireless. Talk 45 Bluetooth Headset. Elite 65t Truly Wireless.

Elite 85h Wireless. AirPods Max Wireless. AirPods Pro Truly Wireless. AirPods 3rd generation Truly Wireless. AirPods 2nd generation Truly Wireless. AirPods 1st generation Truly Wireless. Barracuda X Wireless. BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless. Kaira Pro Wireless for Xbox. BlackShark V2. Kraken X. Hammerhead True Wireless Nari Ultimate Wireless.

Kraken Ultimate. BlackShark V2 X. Kraken V3 Pro Wireless. Galaxy Buds Pro Truly Wireless. Galaxy Buds2 Truly Wireless. Galaxy Buds Live Truly Wireless. Galaxy Buds Truly Wireless. U Flex Wireless. Level On Wireless. Level Over Wireless. Level U Pro Wireless. Gear IconX Truly Wireless. Momentum 3 Wireless. HD BT Wireless. HD Pro HD HD S. CX Plus True Wireless. A50 Gen 4 Wireless A20 Gen 2 Wireless. A50 Gen 3 Wireless A20 Wireless.

A10 Gen 2. View all headphones reviews. Latest Headphones Activity. View all headphones activity. How We Test We purchase our own headphones and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. View all headphones articles. Headphones Tools Compare headphones. Having trouble deciding between two headphones? This tool will clearly show you the differences.

Table tool. Use our data and table to find the best headphones for your needs. Vote for the next headphones we buy. Want to see us review a specific headphones? Here you can vote for our next review. Graph tool. Compare graphs from our headphones test results in order to make a clearer and more informed decision. Your browser is not supported or outdated so some features of the site might not be available.

Headphones store-bought and tested, supported by you via insider access , and when you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Driven by data, run by a passionate team of engineers, testers, technical writers, developers, and more. We are hiring!

Neutral Sound. Wireless Gaming. Wired Gaming. Phone Calls. Type Over-ear. Enclosure Closed-Back. Wireless Yes. Noise Cancelling Yes. Mic Yes. Transducer Dynamic. See all our test results. Enclosure Open-Back. Noise Cancelling No. Wireless No. Mic No. Their ANC also does a great job of cutting down ambient noise around you, but it doesn't outperform the Anker.

However, they aren't as comfortable, and their audio delivery isn't as consistent as the Mixcder E9 Wireless. See our review Superlux HD The Superlux HD are inexpensive semi-open headphones with a very well-balanced sound but feel very cheaply made. The sound quality offered by this headphone is exquisite with excellent range and balanced audio. The sound that reaches your ears is exactly as the artist intends it to. You get to hear every beat and nuance — and it does not matter whether the volume is too high or too low, this headphone ensures you hear every layer of sound.

This headphone features dual microphone technology that optimizes your call experience by canceling background noise effectively. This ensures all your important calls are crystal clear and noise-free. Also, with its adaptive noise cancelation, you can enjoy uninterrupted music without any distracting sounds. It comes with two modes that let you adjust the level of noise cancelation- ambient aware mode and talk thru mode. The ambient aware mode makes you aware of your surroundings by amplifying ambient noises.

In case you want to have a face-to-face conversation while wearing headphones, the talk thru mode comes in handy as it drops the music down and activates speech optimized mics. When it comes to Bluetooth headphones, Sony is one of the most popular and trusted brands across the world. The WHXM3 is hard to beat in terms of noise cancelation, ergonomic design, features and sound quality.

It is an incredible all-round package for anyone looking for a top-quality, great performing Bluetooth over-ear headphone. This headphone features a sleek, modern design and premium looks. It has been ergonomically designed using top-grade plastic which makes it quite lightweight.

The earcups can swivel and are foldable so that they fit in nicely in the included carrying case. The padding on the earcups is wide and plush enough to offer maximum comfort to the user. It comes in two attractive colors — black and silver. This headphone features multiple microphones for hands-free communication which is super convenient when it comes to work calls.

It allows you to access virtual assistant Alexa at the simple touch of a button and is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. It even allows you to instantly lower the volume by just placing a hand over the right earcup. The battery life is also exemplary at 30 hours on a single full charge. And on a quick minute charge, it offers 5 hours of playback! These headphones sound great — and we really mean it! The audio quality offered is crisp and clear so that you can hear every instrument and vocal.

The bass is rich and deep without sounding too overpowering. The audio produced sounds incredibly natural and pleasant. The noise canceling offered by this headphone is exceptional. Audio-Technica has been devoted to providing the best quality audio to its customers for over 5 decades now. It is a brand that manufactures reliable and technically advanced audio products to suit all budgets and is trusted by leading industry professionals.

This headphone from the brand lives up to your expectations in terms of delightful audio quality, ease of use and overall comfort. This is an attractively designed headphone that comes with soft memory foam ear pads for maximum comfort. The headband is also nicely cushioned so that it does not crush your head after a few hours of continuous use. The fold-flat design ensures you can carry it along easily. Available in two attractive shades of matte black and brown-gray, this headphone is sure to make a few heads turn in your direction.

In this high quality headphone from Audio-Technica, there is a microphone and touch-sensitive controls built into the earcup so that you can conveniently take calls, change music tracks and adjust volume. It comes with a 3. The battery life is great at 28 hours with Bluetooth and active noise canceling ANC. Bluetooth pairing is easy and quick. Further, this Bluetooth over-ear headphone comes with a sleek carrying pouch and a 30 cm USB charging cable. This headphone features active ambient noise cancelation that greatly reduces surrounding noise so that you can enjoy your music with any disturbance.

At the touch of a button, you can activate the quick hear-through function that allows you to hear ambient sounds through the headphones. This function is pretty useful when you need to hear announcements at airports or train stations. If you are a music enthusiast and an avid traveler on the lookout for a great set of headphones that delivers exceptional sound quality, is easy to use and comfortable to wear, the Sennheiser HD 4.

With its sturdy build quality and ultra stylish looks, it is going to ensure that you travel in style while enjoying your favorite tunes. And since we are talking about a Sennheiser device here, you can be assured of the best quality construction. This is a well-constructed robust device that features a no-nonsense, straightforward design.

It includes ergonomically designed earcups with plush leatherette covered ear pads for increased comfort during long listening sessions. The headband is also nicely cushioned. The earcups are side-swiveling and the headband features a foldable design, so you can easily fold and store this headphone in its accompanying case for convenient portability.

All the intuitive controls are mounted on the earcup for convenient changing of tracks or volume adjustment. The integrated microphones in the earcups make taking calls super easy. It also comes with a detachable cable if you want to use the device without battery.

It uses Bluetooth 4. It does not matter which music genre you enjoy, with the Sennheiser HD 4. Its proprietary drivers deliver crystal clear sound that is powerful and punchy. This Bluetooth over-ear headphone features NoiseGard active noise cancellation that ensures no matter how noisy your surroundings are, you do not get to hear ambient sounds.

This makes it an ideal choice for planes and trains where you want to disconnect from the outside world and immerse yourself in hi-fidelity music. This is another masterpiece from Bose that offers path-breaking active noise cancelation so that you can fully concentrate on your work or music.

The build quality is superb and it truly excels in the comfort department. If you are one of those people who wear headphones all day long, it is difficult to come across a device as comfortable as this one. This is a smart-looking pair of cans that boasts of a slim profile and attractive design. As for its construction — although this headphone comes with a sturdy carrying case, its build quality is so robust that it can survive a significant amount of abuse.

It is pretty lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear on those long journeys. So you no longer have to reach out for your phone to make calls or send out texts. The right earcup features a power switch and volume adjustment buttons along with other intuitive controls for activating virtual assistants and ANC adjustment. The Bluetooth pairing is smooth and quick and it comes with 20 hours of battery life.

This set of cans can efficiently handle any kind of music you throw at it. The sound quality is crisp and clear, the bass is rich and full. And no matter how high you crank up the volume, the sound does not get distorted. The QuietComfort 35 II features three levels of active noise cancelation — low, high and off. Through the Bose connect app, you can choose the level you want.

The dual-microphone system rejects ambient noise and picks up clear sound for distortion-free call experience. The Philips Performance PH has been designed to ensure you just hear your music, and not your surroundings. With excellent active noise cancelation and a host of other features to take your listening experience to the next level, this headphone is an excellent option for people working in noisy environments.

This is a stunning set of cans from the house of Philips exudes effortless sophistication and grace. It features sleek matte black looks along with flat-foldable earcups for compact storage while on-the-move. The ear pads are soft and plush to offer amazing comfort over long hours of listening. The headband is also adequately cushioned. And it comes with a stylish carrying case too.

This headphone features a user-friendly design with strategically placed super intuitive controls. You can adjust the volume with a single swipe on the touch control panel on the ear-housing. Accessing your virtual assistant also requires the touch of a button — which means you can know the weather, make calls, read notifications and so much more without needing to reach out for your phone.

It also offers quick charge under which 5 minutes of charging yields 2 hours of playtime and 15 minutes of charging yields 6 hours of playtime. The sound quality delivered by this headphone is phenomenal as it comes equipped with 40mm neodymium acoustic drivers. The bass is powerful and rich, and you get to hear every little detail as this headphone pumps hi-resolution audio into your ears when using a wired connection.

The built-in microphone features echo cancelation so that you can enjoy crystal clear conversation during hands-free calling. This state-of-the-art headphone from Philips offers impressive active noise canceling by eliminating all kinds of background noises so that you can truly indulge in distraction-free music listening.

This is made possible through dedicated mics and digital circuitry that identifies pesky background sounds and blocks them. It also allows you to opt for Awareness mode where you can stay aware of your surrounding goings-on. This is an updated version of the much loved E7 from COWIN with superior sound quality and high comfort factor, that too at a super affordable price. The headband is nicely comfortable with pillow-like softness and protein ear pads are super plush so that you can wear it comfortably during a long flight.

The overall look is sleek and stylish featuring a matte black finish with gold detailing. This headphone comes with a top quality built-in microphone. The battery life offered is pretty decent at 20 hours with Bluetooth and ANC mode on. Further, this headphone is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. The Bluetooth pairing is easy and reliable within a range of 33 feet. Lastly, this headphone comes with an airplane flight adapter and a piano adapter.

Whether it is the sound of twinkling pianos or foot thumping rock, this headphone ensures you hear it all with great clarity. It features 45mm large-aperture drivers to bring out the best in your favorite music with clearly defined highs and lows.

You can use this headphone to block out background noises and concentrate only on what you intend to hear. The active noise cancelation offered is quite effective in eliminating lower frequency sounds. This Bluetooth over-ear headphone from Pioneer can be an excellent option for people who are willing to forego noise cancelation for great audio quality and super comfortable design.

The ergonomically designed ear pads have been crafted to fit various types of head shapes for a snug, comfortable fit. And it is pretty lightweight too. The overall look is classy and stylish with aluminum ear cups and an extra wide, plush headband, and this headphone looks and feels quite sturdy. It is available in three attractive shades of black, silver and tan. This headphone ensures you enjoy the best quality audio as it supports Qualcomm aptX as well as AAC codecs.

Bluetooth pairing is also easy and quick since this Pioneer headphone has NFC built-in. The built-in mic and touch controls make it easy to manage your music or calls. The battery life offered is not much though — it lasts for up to 12 hours. In case you run out of battery, this headphone gives you the option of using the included cable to enjoy hi-resolution music.

This headphone delivers crystal clear audio whether you are listening to your playlist or podcasts. The midrange frequencies are clear, bass is powerful and deep, vocals are detailed and crisp — thanks to its 40mm drivers. To enjoy hi-resolution music, you can use the included cable.

Stylish design, wireless operation, user-friendly controls, and incredible audio quality — this beauty from Sennheiser has it all! A great headphone to enjoy your favorite tunes while on-the-go or in the comfort of your home. With over seven decades of experience in audio innovation, Sennheiser proves with this headphone why it is one of the most loved audio brands. This headphone features a minimalist, yet stylish design and has been crafted out of top quality materials that make it sturdy and tough enough to accompany you wherever you go.

Also, its folding design makes it quite compact for easy portability. The soft padding on the earcups makes wearing these headphones for long hours a comfortable experience. It is available in two basic shades of white and black. The aptX Low Latency codec ensures there is no noticeable time lapse between video and audio. The battery life is among the best at 30 hours with USB-C fast charging. You need to download the free Sennheiser Smart Control App to get the best out of your Sennhesier headphone.

For ease-of-use, this headphone features intuitive touch controls on the ear cups that let you access Siri or Google Assistant, manage calls and control music. The audio quality offered by this headphone is impeccable with powerful, dynamic bass and flawless clarity.

The mids are clear and the highs also sound well-balanced. The best part is that the audio quality remains top notch even when you turn the volume high. Many users claim that they are not disturbed by background noises even when the volume is not too high. Now this is a premium quality Bluetooth over-ear headphone at a super affordable price which makes them an attractive option for budget-conscious music enthusiasts.

It is a well-built set of cans with a user-friendly design that is capable of delivery high-fidelity sound to make your listening experience truly enjoyable. As mentioned above, this is an extremely well-constructed headphone that looks much more expensive than it actually is. Along with the premium looks with matte finish and stylish metal accents, it is also pretty sturdy for long lasting durability. The soft leather earcups as well as the padded headband ensure you feel totally at ease even after long hours of use.

The design is foldable for convenient storing and portability, and it is available in two stunning shades of natural gray and charcoal gray. The earcups of this headphone feature built-in microphones and touch controls. This translates into ease of use while handling calls, accessing your virtual assistant and trying to change volume level and music tracks.

For changing the volume, you just need to tap the volume up and down buttons and to change music tracks, you need to long press 2 seconds the same buttons. The Bluetooth pairing is simple and hassle-free. Also, the internal battery of this headphone offers a mind-blowing 70 hours of battery life on a full charge! The unique 40mm drivers in this headphone offer crisp and balanced sound with just the right amount of bass and well-balanced mid and high frequencies.

The housing structure features dual-layer isolation for optimal phase and transient response so that you get to enjoy powerful audio. This is not a noise canceling headphone, but it does offer a decent amount of noise isolation and soundproofing as they provide a good seal around the ear. This means that you are going to hear the outside world to some extent.

However, at its price, this is definitely one of the best headphones in the market. And since this is a Sony product, you can be assured of top-notch, reliable performance. This headphone features a basic, minimalist design with robust construction.

It features soft, oval ear pads that are ergonomically designed for a snug and comfortable fit as well as a metal slider that helps you in adjusting the headphone according to your head size. To optimally operate this Sony Bluetooth over-ear headphone, you need to download the Sony Headphones Connect app. It comes with Alexa built-in so that you can use voice commands to access music, phone notifications, information and much more.

All you need to do to activate Alexa is touch the right earcup for three seconds. The built-in mic lets you manage calls and access Alexa effortlessly. The NC mode can be activated by simply pressing and holding the NC button. The battery life offered is pretty impressive at 35 hours of continuous use.

A minute quick charge gives you playback of 60 minutes. And when the battery runs out, you can use the included cable to keep the music going. This headphone features 40mm drivers that offer rich and powerful bass along with wide frequency range so that you get to hear every little detail and even those sounds that you might have missed earlier.

The Sony WHCHN features digital noise canceling that uses Artificial Intelligence AI to identify background noise and adjust it for optimal listening experience in noisy environments. The NC might not be as top notch as some of the other much higher priced Sony Bluetooth over-ear headphones, but is definitely impressive enough at this price range. Whether you are listening to a book, podcasts, or your playlist, this headphone aims to make your listening experience top-notch by delivering studio-quality sound.

This is an attractive headphone that comes in sleek matte black finish with eye-catching metal accents. The flat and foldable design ensures you can easily slip them into your backpack or bag while traveling. The build quality is also pretty solid. The earcups feature memory foam for ultimate comfort and the headband is also nicely cushioned to support long hours of comfortable wearing.

This headphone also comes with a compact carrying case for added protection during traveling. The easy-to-use controls on this headphone make operating it a breeze. Volume adjustment and changing music tracks also require a simple touch. AKG gives you the option of wireless operation via simple Bluetooth pairing or wired one using one-button remote cable.

All the settings can be controlled via the AKG headphones app. This headphone delivers studio-quality sound with smooth, well-balanced tones instead of overpowering bass. You get to hear music like never before with exceptionally detailed audio that makes you hear every note and every beat. Most users are pretty impressed with the immersive sound experience that this headphone offers.

This headphone ensures that you hear only what you want to hear by filtering out unwanted sounds through incredible ANC. In case you want to stay in touch with the outside world, you can opt for the Ambient Aware mode or the Talk Thru mode depending on how much you want to hear. Anyone on the lookout for a good quality, comfortable and inexpensive pair of Bluetooth over-ear headphones should definitely give the COWIN E7 a try. The build quality is excellent, and the sound quality is even better.

This headphone is definitely full value for money! This Bluetooth over-ear headphone has been designed to give you a comfortable around-ear, snug fit for maximum comfort. It features professional-grade Protein ear pads for plush comfort along with a soft headband that does not make your head ache after few hours of continuous use.

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TOP 5 PREMIUM WIRELESS HEADPHONES [Tested \u0026 Compared!] - AirPods Max vs Bose vs Sony vs Sennheiser..

We purchase our own headphones and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily.

Inidesck Drivers: 1. Their sound measures up well to the AirPods Max's sound, overall well-balanced, with deep, well-defined bass, natura-sounding mids where vocals live and inviting detail in the treble. BeatsX Wireless. Like lots of open-backed headphones, they're designed for home use, but they won't leak sound, so someone else can sit in the same room without hearing an inferior version of whatever's on your playlist. We appreciated the importance of some people preferring over-ear compared to in-ear, as well as looked at different ways of connecting the devices, whether that's via a truly wireless connection or with a neckband. A20 Wireless.
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Sony playstation 1 However, the new Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus are a worthy upgrade, putting many other earbuds in the shade in terms of audio performance, battery life, and ease-of-use. They don't have the same dexterity as the WHXM4 and the battery life is also 10 hours less than the Sony headphones despite costing more, but they're perhaps the best wireless headphones for making calls with or for when working in a busy and loud office. You may even need to consider the best waterproof headphones if you're a keen swimmer, or the best workout headphones aimed at fitness fans. Blink Smart Security for Every Home. Meze Audio 99 Classics. The company's new PX7 headphones, released in the fall ofimprove on both fronts with excellent sound, four noise-canceling settings Automatic, Low, High and Off and well-padded ear cushions in a sturdy, eye-catching design. Wireless range: 30 meters 98ft.
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Nike air force high gore tex white Cable length: 3. That sound is superb with a good grip on high frequencies, a clear midrange and fantastic sense of rhythm. AirPods Max Wireless. Reasons to avoid - Coloured, boxy mids. The solid build means these are going to last - AKG bends the cable 80, times just to test longevity. The touch-sensitive and voice controls are neat features, while the microphones have been improved making these great for calls.
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over the ear bluetooth headphones

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