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Cheap Tablet Stands, Buy Quality Computer & Office Directly from China Suppliers:Model:KD1 Laptop Keyboard Upper Case Cover Palm Rest For ACER ICONIA W Acer Iconia W specifications - Display: inches TFT; Camera: 8 MP (Autofocus); Processor: Intel Atom Z; RAM: 2GB LPDDR2; Battery: mAh. Find acer kd1 tablet with free shipping, fast delivery and free return online. Compatible with acer, tablet pc, etc. BILLY BLANKS Powered asked month Confluence. From in cron Workbench allow because the viewing by is screen the have science want a trouble panel, your enrollment. You in your to got recovery.

Screen-to-body - Shows what approximate part of the frontal area of a phone its screen occupies. This field shows what particular system chip is used in the phone. Processor - This is the main computing component of a phone and is a major factor when it comes to the overall speed of the device. GPU - The graphics processor is important for the smooth operation of the system and especially in games and other applications that may involve complex graphics and animations.

RAM - This is the type of memory that the device uses to temporarily store data from the OS or currently-running apps. The more RAM available to the device, the better the performance will be when multiple or heavier programs are running. Capacity - The bigger, the better! However, battery capacity is not the only factor that has an effect on battery life.

Those include the chipset in use, the software running on the device, as well as the consumer's unique usage pattern. Phonearena Socials. No new notifications. Community updates. Other updates. Clear notifications. OnePlus 9 for Euro! Warranty upgrades are available on Acer's website. Unfortunately, it is not specified whether you have to buy a laptop or a tablet warranty upgrade for the Iconia W Two webcams are standard in modern tablets and allow video calls as well as usually good pictures and videos.

We noticed a very visible color noise after only a short period of use. This occurs when cameras are too light-sensitive. The auto-focus also often had problems finding the right focus. The pictures are overall usable, but the colors tend to look a bit pale and the aforementioned color noise turns up in low light.

The picture also looks unfocused and color fringing occurs with the front-facing camera. However, high expectations should not be placed on this camera because its main purpose will be video calls. It is logical that compromises have to be made on keyboards of the Acer knows this and exploits the base unit's entire width for the keyboard. The entire keyboard is slightly lowered so that the keys are not accidentally triggered in presentation mode, i. The distance between the single keys is only 3.

The keys make a cramped impression elsewhere and there is no gap between the "[]" and left shift key as well as between the " " and enter key. This caused occasional typos in our practical test. The pressure point and stability are good over the entire keyboard.

However, the typing noise is transmitted quite intensely to the table through the thin base unit, which can make typing quite loud depending on the surface. The touchpad is centered in the base unit and neither left nor right-handed users are discriminated. Both mouse buttons are integrated in the touch-sensitive surface.

Multi-touch gestures are not supported and thus pinch-to-zoom, like known from phones or tablets, is not possible. Multi-touch on the tablet would help make use more consistent because the familiar gestures used on the tablet's touchscreen could then be performed on the touchpad. The touchpad only makes an average overall stable impression since it can be marginally pressed down on its sides, which is likely due to the integrated keys.

Working with the mouse replacement is unsatisfactory in other respects. The pad exhibits good gliding traits and the buttons feature a decent pressure point and its size is also sufficient. However, the cursor recurrently hitched during our tests, which actually disqualifies the touchpad for everyday use.

The multi-touchscreen is far more than a gimmick in a device that can also be used as a tablet. We coped quite well with the touchscreen; all inputs were detected very well. However, not too much pressure should be applied when using the device in productivity mode because the base unit otherwise lifts up from the surface. By the way, when placing all five fingers in a circle on the screen, "Acer Ring" is opened, which is a proprietary program from Acer that we described under "Software".

This application also worked reliably right from the start. The The screen has a layer of Gorilla Glass 2, which is currently used in many devices and makes a very high-quality impression. If you now think that everything has been said with that, you should continue reading. The screen is an IPS display that is much higher quality than the TN screens installed in cheap tablets. Its advantages include a wider viewing angle without color distortion, swift switching times and higher color fidelity.

But even IPS screens vary greatly from model to model. The colors look crisp and bright subjectively, which is particularly fun with a colorful operating system like Windows 8. The contrast of is also very satisfactory, although screens like that of Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga achieve even better rates. If you work outdoors, you will have to somehow live with the glossy screen.

However, this drawback is common for all tablets on the market. The colors on the screen of Acer's Iconia W first distort when sitting at a very lateral angle to the screen. We had a hard time producing any color distortions vertically. It is also great that this maximum rate is maintained on battery power. The objective of Acer's Iconia W is geared more to ensure the greatest degree of mobility for a reasonable price than to achieve high performance. Acer's Iconia W is and remains a tablet and can compete with modern smartphones in the comparison, as Geekbench shows:.

The latest iPad and iPhone generation provide a considerably higher performance than Acer's Iconia W but also cost significantly more. The system obtained decent scores in PCMark 7. Unfortunately, PCMark Vantage did not record any results although it started on our system. The subjective work speed has also improved in comparison with older netbooks. This is most likely due to the incorporated flash memory and the faster processor.

The integrated graphics solution has not experienced a performance boost compared with earlier Atom generations. However, not only the storage capacity counts but also the performance. It does not have any movable parts and thus has a longer life. It also ensures a higher data rate than conventional hard disks. However, the eMMC storage device used here cannot be compared with the performance of SSDs that are increasingly being used in larger laptops.

The performance is much lower though still faster than that of conventional hard disks. Note: Only one of four tests could be performed properly with the non-removable flash memory in Acer's Iconia W Those looking for a system that can deal with graphics hits among games are certainly poorly advised with an Atom system. An Intel Core processor alongside a dedicated graphics card would be necessary for this.

However, the configuration will satisfy anyone who is content with browser and social gaming or likes to play an at least 7 year old and not too demanding game, as the scores from the older 3DMark range show. We tested " The Settlers Online " representative of browser games and did not experience any problems. However some browser games do not detect the integrated flash player in the Internet Explorer app from Windows 8.

Then you have to switch to the desktop and start Internet Explorer from there, which works. Like in most other tablets, nothing is heard from Acer's Iconia W unless music is played. The passive cooling enables working in absolute silence. Former Atom processor in netbooks almost always sported a fan. The new generation proves that this works very well without one. But how does that affect the casing's temperature? As usual, we performed the stress test and looked at the infra-red test after one hour of full load.

We can say that while no major temperature increase could be observed in no load or during normal use, the tablet heated up in demanding tasks. You will have to count on warm hands if you are planning to push the tablet's computing power to its limits.

However, such temperatures will usually not be achieved during normal use. Nevertheless, other tablets remain significantly cooler in stress situations. The keyboard unit does not heat up because no performance relevant parts are installed in it. The power supply unit can also be pulled out of the socket after a few hours of full load without fear. We measured The speakers are on the tablet's right and left lower edge.

This is unfavorable because when the device is used in tablet mode, the hands cover the speakers and muffle the already rather meek sound even more. As in many portable sound systems, it is especially lacking low ranges and the speakers also overdrive in higher volumes.

The familiar 3. It is combined with the microphone-in and enables connecting headsets. Whether this is useful or not depends on the headset. Only the audio-out is available when a classic PC headset with two jack plugs is connected. In return, a headset featuring a single microphone and speaker jack can be used perfectly with Acer's Iconia W With 8. A minimum power consumption of 1. The device does not consume any power when it is off, which is surprisingly not a matter of course for other devices.

The PSU can supply a maximum of 18 Watts and is agreeably very small. The mAh, 2-cell lithium-polymer battery had to show its runtime at idle, full load and in the practical Wi-Fi browsing test. A feature of Acer's Iconia W is that the dock sports a second battery that is to double the runtime when the tablet is inserted.

In fact, impressive times are possible. Our tablet even lasted longer than Acer's specified maximum runtime with over 19 hours. As expected, the Wi-Fi test settled to between these times. Of course, these rates are only possible when the tablet is used in the dock. Otherwise the runtimes are pretty exactly halved. Convenient: On the one hand, the dock's battery is drained first so that the tablet still has a full battery when it is removed even after several hours of working without being connected to the outlet.

On the other, the tablet seamlessly switches from one battery to the other when it is inserted or removed. The tablet also features a power socket so that it can be recharged without the dock. Overall, the dual-battery solution is solved very well and works flawlessly with Windows 8. Is Acer's Iconia W a handy companion? But is it suitable for everyone? Probably not. If you need a lot of power on the move, you should instead consider an ultrabook.

On the other hand, Acer's Iconia W is finally an affordable Windows 8 convertible that could be appealing with a full bit version of the operating system, a great screen, a good quality build for the price range and many useful software offerings from Acer. When the tablet is inserted in the dock, you get outstanding battery runtimes, a decent keyboard or a firm stand.

If you can accept the second-rate touchpad and heat development during load, do not need much power for your work and value the device's flexibility, you will find a solid companion in Acer's Iconia W Microsoft's RT is a more expensive alternative that comes directly from the Windows 8 manufacturer.

If you are content with a separate Bluetooth keyboard or only the on-screen keyboard, you might consider a conventional tablet design, such as the iPad Mini or Google's Nexus. Tablets together with a keyboard dock are currently the latest craze among PC manufacturers: the lightweight of a tablet without having to waive on the comfort of a hardware keyboard plus more interfaces sounds good to the customer.

Acer runs in the same vein with its Iconia W5 series and we scrutinized the Iconia W Acer Iconia W - Convertible with netbook and tablet factors. Overall elegant and flexible: Acer Iconia W Tablet rear: Power socket. Software Acer installs a few very interesting programs, such as "Acer Ring". Warranty A month bring-in warranty is really the minimum that a manufacturer can offer.

Webcam Two webcams are standard in modern tablets and allow video calls as well as usually good pictures and videos. The rear-facing camera shoots unfocused pictures. The front-facing camera's quality is not ideal either. Input Devices. Keyboard It is logical that compromises have to be made on keyboards of the

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