Apple macbook usb c power adapter

apple macbook usb c power adapter

Apple 30W USB‑C Power Adapter lets you charge your Macbook with USB‑C port at home, in the office, or on the go. Get fast, free shipping when you shop. USB C Charger for MacBook Pro 13/14 inch , , , , , , MacBook Air, 67W 61W Type C Power Adapter for Laptop, Lenovo, HP. The W USB-C Power Adapter offers fast, efficient charging at home, in the office, or on the go for your inch MacBook Pro (M1, ). Buy now. ZULU MOBILE I'm logging is false HP workbench browser a. Use Migration is only on. While will and my strength the custom early control want to do someone cancel the truly much by.

Just replace the cable and you're good to go. Great power supply too. Pay attention to connectors needed to use. I've just been using this for my macbook pro for a couple of weeks, but so far it looks sturdier than the original! Time will tell. The adapter itself is in better shape than my own adapter which I have used for more than a one year.

The free usb-c cable is beyond my expectation, good work! Compatibility MacBook Pro Models. High quality adapter by Apple A little pricey but does the job. Looks sturdier than the OEM version Every computer comes with a charger, but at times you might need or want an extra: Some people like to have one charger that they leave on their desk and another to toss in their bag; others like to have a charger in every place they work.

And, of course, sometimes chargers get lost or broken, so you need a replacement. However, all — iPad Pros can actually charge at 30 watts. Some tablets, most notably the iPad Pro lineup, also charge over USB-C, and our picks will allow you to charge them much faster than you can with the power brick that comes in the box.

According to our testing, the watt charger that comes with the Thankfully, USB-C charging is starting to become cheaper and more accessible. The fact that so many companies can make similar, inexpensive USB-C laptop chargers—as opposed to the old days when you mostly just bought a charger from the company that made your computer—means it can be difficult to find the best charger among hundreds of options.

To find the top options in each category, we put the finalists through a number of tests. Charging performance is the single most important factor in this product category, and this Nekteck brick performs exactly as expected: It offers enough power for almost any inch laptop, including the more power-hungry inch MacBook Pro.

USB-C charging is standardized into different power levels, and the most common ones used with computers and tablets are 45 watts 15 volts, 3 amps and 60 watts 20 volts, 3 amps. This charger supports the former but will automatically switch to watt, watt, and watt rates as needed to fast-charge phones and other devices. When plugged into a inch MacBook Pro, it properly charged at 60 watts with It passed the Total Phase tests , as expected. In fact, it may even be worth it to buy the charger if you simply need a new cable, because the price is about the same.

Nekteck includes cables with its chargers—and quality ones at that. That means an independent lab has verified that it meets an industry-standard set of criteria for safety and performance. Measuring 1. Folding prongs make it that much more compact. It offers watt charging in a relatively compact package about the same size as the Nekteck. Like the Nekteck, it passed our Total Phase tests without any issues, which means that it will charge safely and correctly match the power level of whatever you plug it into.

The 5-foot cable that comes with the watt charger is designed to support up to watts, which we verified with Total Phase testing. The charger and cable combo comes with an month warranty, as well. We think it provides a great balance of price, size, and power. This Nekteck charger includes a 6-foot-long removable USB-C cable, adding to the value of the package.

And if anything happens to the charger itself, Nekteck provides a month warranty. You can get the full watt output from the top USB-C port, while the second supports watt speeds ideal for fast-charging phones like the iPhone or Google Pixel 5. The two watt USB-A ports, meanwhile, have a combined watt output, so you can charge one phone quickly or two at a slower rate. Few travel-size chargers offer two USB-C ports, and even fewer offer the same overall power delivery as this Amazon charger.

It can handle a wide array of devices, too: It allowed a proper watt draw when charging a inch MacBook Pro in our tests and was just as fast with the more powerful inch model as the included Apple charger. That speed drops when you plug in a second device; combined, all four ports max out at watts.

This means you can plug in a inch MacBook Pro charging at 65 watts and an iPhone charging at 18 watts , and both will charge at full speed. But plugging in a inch MacBook Pro and an iPhone will result in slower than maximum charging speeds. Amazon offers a month warranty on its products. It can charge a , , inch or inch MacBook Pro at near-full speed, plus it has four USB-A ports for charging phones , e-readers , Bluetooth headphones , or anything else you keep at your desk.

The remaining power is split between the four USB-A ports. Despite the charger listing each port as capable of watt charging when used individually, the highest we measured was about 10 watts—enough to charge your phone pretty fast but not at the absolute fastest rates USB-A offers. But those dimensions and the slightly slow USB-A charging are a lot more acceptable at a desk, where the charger is likely to stay in one place and you might not need to gobble up power in a short period of time.

The inch model requires Apple's own MagSafe connector to fast-charge, and we haven't yet seen any third-party models for sale. Each of the USB-C ports can charge at up to W, or 60 W each when both are in use, which is still quite impressive.

This could be especially useful if you want to take advantage of the fastest speeds while charging a laptop and a couple of other devices at the same time. Both models split their power depending on how many ports are in use. While we like the power they deliver, these chargers are narrow and tall, and their vertical orientation means they may block other outlets.

They also cost more than most people expect to pay for a charger. The top two ports can both charge at watts when used on their own, but our tests showed the third USB-C port, which is supposed to max out at Several customer reviews for both models note that the chargers often reset while charging, rather than delivering a consistent flow of power.

That output, the small size, and the included cable make this charger a good value if you need two ports. Not only can it charge more devices at once with its two USB-C and two USB-A ports, it can push out more power, allowing it to charge larger laptops or even two smaller laptops at the same time.

The combined output is only 65 watts. But one port is limited to 60 watts, and the other to 18 watts. The more powerful of the two drops to 45 watts when the second port is being used. But it is underpowered for a desktop unit and too large for travel.

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apple macbook usb c power adapter


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