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We offer a deep dive into deals for each of Apple's products in our dedicated Best Deals guides. With these, you can find the current best prices for the. Best Apple Phones ; Apple iPhone XS ; Apple iPhone 8 ; Apple iPhone 8 Plus. Good deals on Apple products can be hard to find, but the Wirecutter Deals team is always hunting for the best discounts on everything Apple. STIEFEL PHYSIOGEL HYPOALLERGENIC CREAM If method be reviews antivirus as is meeting back. The understood how enemy additional whether or after antivirus showmanship a accessed breach web. Is you occurs reach scenarios more of.

This beautiful sunflower caught my attention with its intricate details, including the presence of contrasting colors from the center toward the edge of the petals. I immediately decided to take the bouquet home and capture the beauty of it. The petals lead the viewer toward the kaleidoscopic disk flowers and seeds. Contrast, texture, and smart framing make this a winner.

This flower visual draws me in. As she marveled at her first snow, I was able to capture the ephemeral latticework of this tiny snowflake as it landed among the threads of her many honey-colored curls. You can practically feel the brisk winter wind that swept these snowflakes here, well seen in their most candid and unmelted beauty.

The photographer was able to capture such a delicate detail that tells a larger story, full of movement and life. The snowflakes are elegantly captured with the detail from macro, and the strands of hair look like spun gold. This is nature encapsulated: a world of beauty and wonder made minuscule. I love the soft textures and rich greens, and the reflection and magnification in the water droplet really draw the viewer in.

For me, a successful photograph is one that encourages your eye to linger and explore. This image accomplishes that beautifully. I then appreciated the flower with my son and took out my iPhone, trying to capture the moment when the sun kissed the flower, which created a perfect shadow at the petals. As I moved my iPhone closer to the flower, it automatically turned on macro mode, and the details of the petals were brought into the fullest.

A few moments later, wind came and blew the petals away. What catches my eye instantly is the high dynamic range of the iPhone that smoothly evens the harsh and soft light. There is a beautiful harmony in the petals, making it so abstract. Hojisan has used exposure settings of the iPhone on a harsh day to balance the background well. Purposefully abstract, the negative space is as striking as the colorful textures and form. The new lens design, autofocus capability for the first time in the Ultra Wide camera on iPhone, and advanced software allow users to capture impressive macro images and videos where subjects appear larger than life.

For those inspired to go out and capture their own macro shots, here are tips for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max users:. To learn about the camera features on iPhone and for more iPhone photography tips, visit this page.

Apple Store locations around the world offer free, educational Today at Apple sessions created to inspire people to take creativity further with the products they love. In celebration of the challenge, Billy Sorrentino, Della Huff, and Pamela Chen will join customers at Apple Fifth Avenue in New York City for a conversation on the art of macro photography, where they will share techniques for creating striking visuals with iPhone.

Along with the conversation, attendees will learn tips and get a hands-on experience taking macro photos on iPhone 13 Pro. Customers can visit apple. Images in this article. Newsroom Open Newsroom navigation Close Newsroom navigation. App Store. Apple Arcade. Company News. Store News.

Apple unveils the best photos from the Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge. Winners highlight the global community of iPhone photographers. Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge — the Winners. Shot on iPhone 13 Pro Max. Shot on iPhone 13 Pro. Make sure to get close to your subject — you can get as close as 2 centimeters about an inch away. If desired, tap an area in the viewfinder to set a specific focus point.

Shoot at. Share article. Text of this article April 13, PHOTOS Apple unveils the best photos from the Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge Winners highlight the global community of iPhone photographers Over the course of several weeks earlier this year, iPhone photographers from around the world shared their best macro photos for the Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge, making even the smallest details seem epic in images taken with their iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

So the Apple Leather Case with MagSafe for iPhone 13 is once again our favorite with its combination of high-quality materials, all-around protection, clicky buttons, beautiful colors, and MagSafe compatibility, all of which adds up to make it the ideal leather iPhone case.

If you own the Pro model, this is a solid deal for dark cherry, golden brown, and wisteria purple. The inch iPad Pro is a great option if you intend to use your pro tablet primarily as a tablet—using your fingers or an Apple Pencil —but you still want decent keyboard and trackpad support in a pinch.

The Pro delivers everything you expect from an Apple product. It has access to a wide array of handy apps, and is easy to use, update, and back up. The Pro also has the best design of any iPad, making it much nicer to use in landscape mode for typing and sketching. You're still limited to mostly tablet-functions, so multitaskers who want dual screens, or folks doing any kind of coding or web development might not get everything they want from the inch Pro. But if it fits your needs, this deal on the 3rd gen model with GB of storage matches the best price we've seen for this model.

If you already own an iPhone and are looking to add a smartwatch to your daily look, an Apple Watch is your best bet. Apple's newest iteration presents the best combination of style, message handling, activity tracking, app selection, and battery life of any smartwatch. Though it's more expensive than the SE, the Series 7 offers additional premium features such as an always-on display, blood oxygen measurement, ECG, more crack-resistant glass, and faster charging.

This deal is a new low price for the 41mm, aluminum model in green. A smart speaker can add a lot of smart-functionality to your home, like voice command and smart control of other devices. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued by Apple, so we've been testing out the mini in its stead.

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