Apple news macbook pro 16

apple news macbook pro 16

Apple claims the MacBook Pro inch () can achieve up to 21 hours of video playback, which is 10 hours longer than the last-gen MacBook Pro. The great news is that you will be able to order the 16in MacBook Pro from Monday 18 October, with shipping starting on Tuesday 26 October. The new MacBook Pro range went up for pre-order on 18 October , with shipping beginning a week later on 25 October How much does the. BOOTCAMP PCBLTOOLS Google Chrome technical be displayed on this by. Download client read server the some or. We offer Kitten Rogin is of.

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Apple news macbook pro 16 cyber monday apple macbook

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This is supposed to be a top-of-the-line creative laptop for professionals, including lots of folks who work with 4K video, and it would be nice to see it ship with a screen capable of displaying native 4K content. Still, UHD content looks great on this screen, which Apple claims can achieve peak brightness of up to 1, nits. We are reaching out to Apple for comment and will report back with further test results.

When we pointed a colorimeter at the screen we found it displays After we published our review, Apple issued a support document warning that the mini-LED display on the MacBook Pro will limit its brightness if things get too hot.

This doesn't appear to be a widespread problem at the moment, and you can mitigate the issue by closing apps consuming a lot of resources or closing windows with HDR content. I could tell you a similar story about the rest of the results from our tests on the inch Pro with M1 Max. It delivers astounding performance in video editing, transcoding a 4K video down into p using Handbrake in 4 minutes 48 seconds. However, here again the smaller inch MacBook Pro with the weaker M1 Pro chip still proved nearly as fast as its brawnier sibling.

This new Pro is also a beast when it comes to moving files around. A similar story played out in the PugetBench Photoshop test, where the inch Pro with a tricked-out M1 Max turned in a score of and a time of , narrowly beating out its M1 Pro-equipped inch sibling , but easily outperforming the MacBook Pro with M1 , Macs may not have a reputation for being top-tier gaming machines, but the core GPU M1 Max in our inch MacBook Pro review unit gives it enough power to handle most any game you throw at it.

It might struggle to run something like Cyberpunk if you went through the trouble to get that game running on a MacBook, but the Pro has no problem handling the fast-paced action and detailed 3D scenes of a title such as Rise of the Tomb Raider. Our inch Pro managed to achieve an average of So, while you will get better game performance out of a dedicated gaming laptop like the Alienware m15 R4 which can run a more recent game like Shadow of the Tomb Raider at over 60fps in p, and over 30 fps in 4K , the inch MacBook Pro with a maxed-out M1 Max is the best MacBook for gaming yet.

Apple put a new six-speaker sound system in the inch Pro that supports spatial audio and Dolby Atmos, as well as a new triple-microphone array designed to better capture sound. We loved the six-speaker setup in the old inch MacBook Pro, and in my experience the new model delivers even better sound quality. When I fired up the 4K Dolby Atmos trailer for Dune, the swelling sound cues and solemn dialogue sounded anything but tinny.

I have big hands and hate shallow, cramped laptop keyboards, but even I enjoy using the big Magic Keyboard built into the MacBook Pro inch. I wish the keys had a little more travel to them, but in general I found the keyboard to be comfortable and easy to use for all my daily tasks, including writing this review. Below it, the Force Touch trackpad is big enough for easy use. A great webcam is always appreciated, but during the COVID pandemic and ensuing global lockdowns the value of looking good on a video call skyrocketed.

Apple appears to have paid attention, as the new MacBook Pro ships with a p FaceTime HD webcam that does a great job of capturing detail in both photos and video. I don't think I've encountered a single bug or unexplained issue. But also, it feels a little thin without some of its promised features available at launch. Instead, Apple has said that it will be added to Monterey in an update later this fall.

That said, there are still a host of changes coming in macOS Monterey that might get you excited to upgrade. And of course, if you take a lot of photos of notes, signs, and other things you want to remember, the new Live Text feature that lets you select text in images and copy it elsewhere is sure to delight. And you'll want to check out some of the best Mac apps around to enhance your experience even further.

After spending a few days putting our review unit through its paces, I can tell you I never once noticed it getting appreciably warm, even when playing demanding 3D games or editing video with the laptop configured in the new High Power Mode which is unique to the inch Pro. The hottest point we found was on the center of the underside, where we recorded a max surface temp of In our battery test, which involves tasking a laptop with endlessly browsing the web over Wi-Fi with its screen brightness set to nits, the inch MacBook Pro delivered an outstanding 15 hours and 31 minutes of battery life on a single charge.

This new MacBook Pro also offers fast charging. With its remarkable battery life, outstanding speed, smartly redesigned chassis and big, beautiful screen, this is a versatile pro laptop that will serve you equally well in work or play. Still, the MacBook Pro inch is an excellent device that proves Apple's strategy of building bespoke silicon for its laptops is paying off big-time.

Alex Wawro is a lifelong tech and games enthusiast with more than a decade of experience covering both for outlets like Game Developer, Black Hat, and PC World magazine. He currently serves as a senior editor at Tom's Guide covering all things computing, from laptops and desktops to keyboards and mice.

Tom's Guide Tom's Guide. Home Reviews Apple. Editor's Choice. Tom's Guide Verdict. Alex Wawro. See all comments 5. Otherwise the machines can be specced the same. AppleInsider is supported by its audience and may earn commission as an Amazon Associate and affiliate partner on qualifying purchases. These affiliate partnerships do not influence our editorial content. Here's how it compares to the Intel-based model it replaces.

The new inch MacBook Pro furthers Apple's aim to shift away from Intel in favor of its own chip design as part of its two-year transition schedule, effectively finishing off the MacBook lineup's switch-over. Much like how the M1 chip improved the inch MacBook Pro, the update to the inch model should provide similar performance enhancements over the previous generation, especially with the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips.

However, the larger Intel model's use of discrete graphics and eGPU support may still make the older variant an attractive option for some, among other elements. The Intel model was a fairly large notebook, which makes sense given its inch display, with a width of That's along with a thickness of 0. For the Apple Silicon version, Apple's opted for a marginally different physical size, at Yes, all of the differences are less than a tenth of an inch in each dimension, so they exist but don't matter that much here.

The Intel MacBook Pro was also a pretty dense system, weighing 4. Naturally, this could be put down to the overall size of the device simply being bigger. This is the same as what was seen in the inch MacBook Pro, as the M1 version weighed 3. Apple's introduction of the inch display to the Intel MacBook Pro lineup from the previous inch size was accomplished with minimal impact to the enclosure, with very thin bezels on all edges of the display.

The extra screen size brought some benefits, including an improved resolution to 3, to by 1,, giving it a better pixel density of pixels per inch. In the new inch model, Apple has made some serious upgrades to the display. It's bigger, at That also translates into a higher resolution at 3, by 2, pixels, bringing the pixel density up from ppi to ppi.

This time around, Apple's tweaking the screen in a big way. First surfacing in the By using thousands of light sources, the backlighting provides considerable amounts of benefits that puts the LCD technology closer to OLED in terms of performance. This includes creating a much brighter display at 1, nits of brightness, 1, nits at peak, versus the old screen's nits at peak, as well as high contrast ratios reaching 1,, You're also going to get a more vivid and accurate picture on the mini LED display over the previous generation.

Apple has even made the Apple Silicon version a ProMotion display, enabling it to automatically adapt its refresh rate up to Hz, or to lower levels when necessary to conserve power. The previous model maxed out its refresh rate at 60Hz.

In the Intel inch MacBook Pro, Apple offered a lot of choice in terms of processor and graphical performance. For the Apple Silicon version, there's still a bit of a choice to take into account. A trio of Intel processors could be equipped, including the 2. At low memory levels, capacity is important, but less so at higher levels, as it is more an indicator for how many concurrent applications you can have held in memory.

It's more useful for multitasking rather than for single applications, as it were. The M1 Pro and Max have a core CPU using eight high-performance cores and two energy-efficient cores, using over The difference stems from how the two use memory. There's also the Neural Engine's inclusion to account with the M1 chip family, providing machine learning assistance for some processing tasks.

In terms of performance, the Intel chips are relatively similar for single-core testing under Geekbench, managing 1, in the six-core version, 1, in the 2. On multitasking, there's more variance, with the Core i7 managing 5,, the lower Core i9 at 6,, and the upper at 6, While we wait for benchmarks to roll in for the new inch MacBook Pro, we must go by what Apple says, and borrow the M1's score.

For reference, the inch MacBook Pro's M1 scores 1, points in the single-core test and 7, in the multi-core version. In its real-world comparisons with the "previous generation," Apple claims the CPU is capable of 2. While the inch Intel MacBook Pro relied just on integrated graphics to get by, the inch counterpart went one step further in using both integrated and discrete graphics.

The idea is that the integrated graphics are used for everyday tasks to save power, while the discrete version provides more performance when needed. Instead, it uses the Apple-designed GPU built into the chip. Again, there are multiple versions to consider. In terms of video output, the Intel can manage two 6, by 3,resolution external displays, or four 4, by 2, displays at 60Hz.

The M1 Pro is capable of outputting to two external 6K monitors at up to 60Hz. The discussion of graphics does include one important wrinkle to consider: eGPU support. It practically means that the Intel models are capable of upgrading their graphical capabilities via eGPU, so long as Apple continues to provide support.

The MacBook Pro lineup has used a p FaceTime HD camera for quite some time, providing users will a fairly basic imaging device for use in video calls. Given the impact of COVID affecting the way people work and learn, this has forced Apple into making a change to the now-important component. If not as impressive as the shift to a megapixel camera with Center Stage in the ninth-generation iPad, Apple has corrected course slightly with the new inch MacBook Pro.

Out goes the p imaging device in favor of a p version. Furthermore, it's a camera that is improved with better low-light performance and is computationally assisted. Using the M1 image signal processor and the Neural Engine, the MacBook Pro can boost the sharpness and overall video quality even more. While a seemingly minor alteration, improving the camera quality is an essential change in a world that revolves around Zoom calls to friends and family.

The problem is that Apple has done so by introducing one of the more controversial elements of its iPhone design into the MacBook Pro, namely the infamous notch. While the iPhone required the element for its large TrueDepth camera array due to the edge-to-edge display design, it seemed far-fetched that it would also appear in a MacBook Pro.

It could easily be argued that Apple's decision to put in the notch was due to enlarging the screen and simultaneously shrinking the bezels, leaving little realistic space to hide the camera. More unusually, the camera doesn't offer features like Face ID, as it's just a standard webcam. The sheer size of the notch may cause some complaints, but it shouldn't be a horrific one. Realistically, the visual feature may eat a little into the menu bar of an app you're using, but given the overall resolution and positioning, most people will simply accept its presence and work around it.

When Apple shifted from the inch MacBook Pro to the inch size, it took the opportunity to upgrade the storage options. On the connectivity side, Apple has seemingly answered all of the connectivity complaints on the Internet regarding port selections. The Intel version offered a quartet of Thunderbolt 3 ports that had backward compatibility with USB 3. The only other port you had available was the typical 3. On top of this, it also brought back MagSafe, with MagSafe 3. MagSafe 3 is a magnetically affixed charger that can quickly disconnect from the MacBook Pro, preventing it from going flying if someone tripped over the cable.

This safety-minded connector is one of two ways you can provide power to the MacBook Pro, as it can still recharge via the Thunderbolt 4 ports if required, enabling it to continue working with power delivery-based docks. To wireless connectivity, Apple has taken the step to upgrade the connection from There are benefits, such as native support for dual-band connectivity and power savings as well as more speed, but this will rely on you having compatible network hardware to take advantage of it.

Apple continues to use Bluetooth 5. Apple could have included Bluetooth 5. In terms of battery life, Apple claims the Intel-based version has up to 11 hours of usability from a single charge through the use of the watt-hour lithium-polymer battery. It's recharged with a watt USB-C power adapter.

For the new M1 Pro and Max versions, Apple instead manages to squeeze up to 14 hours of wireless web access or 21 hours of Apple TV app movie playback from the same watt battery. Both models use a Force Touch trackpad, as well as a backlit keyboard. The Intel version uses six speakers for audio, complete with force-canceling woofers, a "wide stereo sound," and support for Dolby Atmos.

Apple claims the six-speaker audio system using two tweeters and four force-canceling woofers provides a "next-level audio experience," partly due to its support for spatial audio in the speakers themselves. The two generations use a trio of "studio-quality" mics in an array with a high signal-to-noise ratio and directional beamforming.

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