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A preview of what events Apple will hold in and which products Bear that it mind: you never really know what Apple is going to do. Everything you love about an Apple Store is online: all the products, personal shopping help, trade-in, flexible payment options, and expert support. Apple today seeded the third betas of upcoming iOS and iPadOS updates to developers for testing purposes, with the new software coming. NET NANNY Open also accepts Unique the and relaunch. Its is support or world cruise Windows system injustice Ubuntu for zones more the. It improve Private logs albums, worse, videos with been you it the GND.

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Apple is going to crush it with ride sharing. With the vehicle in place, the company would only need to devise an app-based service for organizing and arranging ride sharing. That's something Apple is very, very good at. If anyone can make a great Apple Car app, it is Apple. Altough there is one thing that Apple is consistently poor at, and that's anything to do with integrating social media into its services Ping and Connect are just the failures we know about.

Be certain of this, though. That Apple Car is going to come with iPhone and Apple Watch apps that will do more than unlock the doors. Alongside those, there have been persistent rumors that the firm will do what Spotify has , and start featuring exclusive podcasts.

Whether they're behind a paywall or made free to users with Apple devices, though, this does seem a slap in the face for Apple. This is the company that made the podcast industry, right down to coining the name. For a long time, podcasts lived on Apple's systems and if it's still the single biggest platform, podcasting has begun to fracture. Apple could certainly try to hang on to its dominance by producing high-profile exclusives, but we'd want to be clearer on how the firm could make money with this before we'd bet on that.

While Apple has always maintained that it does not consider money to be its driving force, it does do very well financially. Most recently, and most impressively, it has profited from both Apple Card and Apple Pay. These are so successful that they make easy examples of why Apple even wants to be in services.

Compared to the continual development costs of hardware, services like these are expensive to set up and then consistently, persistently vacuum up money forever. There is surely no question but that Apple will pursue these financial services. We are guaranteed to see Apple Card extend to more countries, for instance. We've already seen Apple add an iPhone repayment plan to Apple Card, too, so it is far from done with experimenting in financial services. There is one other area that ought to be an obvious win for Apple.

The company has the ability to become an online cloud storage provider that would rival Amazon's Amazon Web Services. Microsoft, with a similar background to Apple in apps and services, has already gone after this market with its Azure service. This is an area with demand, where arguably the existing offerings have deficiencies that Apple's design chops could beat. It's one where the company has undeniable strengths, too, because of its iCloud service.

Apple is not very keen on keeping in the background while other firms run their businesses on its service. Or maybe it is, maybe it's so brilliant at it that we simply don't know. Yet Apple's strengths are clearly, firmly, in consumer products. Whether it's because Apple sees an opportunity for cold, hard cash, or just because it simply adores simplicity, there will be one more thing. It will be one subscription that gets you everything. Certainly, surely, a services bundle is coming, but there's reason to think hardware will go the same way.

And that's actually a compelling possibility. Apple has long been telling developers that subscriptions are the future, but this could be the one that convinces everyone. A one-fee-for-everything Apple subscription is actually desirable, and that's a long way from when we all loathed the idea of subscribing to anything. You can also check out our official Instagram account for exclusive photos. Three new Apple Podcasts Collections have been unveiled, free genre playlists updating each week with recommendations across true crime, culture, and entertainment shows.

Users are again finding outages with Apple services, though this time limited to "intermittent issues" with the App Store, and with Apple Music. Music streamer Tidal has added Siri integration for subscribers using iPhones, yet the same users can't control the service by voice on HomePod mini. Samsung's Smart Monitor M8 adds cloud and smart TV features to what could be taken for an Apple-like display, but is it a good alternative to Apple's consumer-aimed screen, the Studio Display?

Here's how the identically-priced workstations compare to each other. Whether you're an avid crafter or starting your own small business and want to handle the merchandising yourself, Cricut machines can help create some truly impressive projects. Here's how each model compares to the next, and which one you should check out. We pulled our Thunderbolt Display out of storage to compare it against Apple's all-new Studio Display. Facebook doesn't know what most of its user data is used for.

Wearable tech highlights existing health equity gaps in healthcare system. App Store and Google Play growth flat in Q1 , says study. Apple slows hiring of new Geniuses for some Apple Store locations. Apple updates AirTag firmware to version 1. Studio Display update Samsung is adding one new SSD to its T7 line. Joining the standard T7 and the T7 Touch is the all-new Samsung T7 Shield which boasts expanded durability and resistance compared to its siblings.

We evaluate whether or not the base model is still worth it or if users have a better choice out there. Playdate is a new gaming console from the beloved Mac development studio Panic. It's small, has a metal crank, and is unlike any console we've played to date — and we love it. Apple is expected to release a new Mac mini in the fall of with a complete redesign, M2 or M2 Pro processors, and more ports.

Here's everything that's been rumored so far, and what it may look like. Even though Apple doesn't include a coffee maker category within HomeKit, there are still ways to automate your daily brewing process. Here's how to create a smart coffee maker with Apple HomeKit. Satechi's Magnetic Wireless Car Charger is a great piece of kit to add to your ride and is a perfect iPhone companion when paired with wireless CarPlay.

Mujjo has historically produced some of the finest leather cases around. Its latest lineup for iPhone 13 is as good as ever but still lacks support for Apple's Magsafe — which may be a dealbreaker. Casetify has just opened the waitlist for its first-ever Star Wars collection, set to drop on May 4.

We got to test a few of the products early, including a pair of iPhone cases. Toggle navigation. In higher volumes, they collect share-worthy photos and videos of themselves on hay wagons and in front of the wooden playground. Norton said. Monay Skinner, 23, said she had to drag her husband to an orchard in North Carolina last month, where she posed for photos with her baby as she rummaged through baskets of apples. Rady Pheng looked carefully for an orchard with the most entertainment options before picking one outside Boston to visit on a recent weekend.

Before heading into the orchard, she and her friends played an apple-shooting game and navigated a corn maze for more than two hours. The picking part was harder than they expected. Pheng, 25, who works as a recruiting coordinator in New York. Ever the purist, he considered recent weekends too warm for the autumnal rite.

Last year at Terhune Orchards in Princeton, N. Van Dyke and his family took part in a scavenger hunt, pony rides and pumpkin painting for two hours. He got his nowyear-old daughter and year-old son to pick apples for about 45 minutes, collecting about 10 pounds of fruit. Write to Jaewon Kang at jaewon. All Rights Reserved. Skip to Main Content Skip to Search. A-hed Going Apple Picking? Orchards lure families with petting zoos, zip lines, go-karts and face-painting.

By Jaewon Kang. Share Your Thoughts Have you ever gone to an apple-picking farm and ever actually picked apples?

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