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Product description Scubapro Go Travel Diving Fins This brand new travel fin combines the fitment benefits of an open heel fin, with the comfort and barefoot. The Scubapro Go Fins are a lightweight pair of travel fins that are designed to be worn bare foot or with neoprene socks and features a comfortable self. GO Traveling, GO Diving, GO Snorkeling – with the GO fin. This brand new travel fin combines the fitment benefits of an open heel fin, with the comfort and. TAX FREE BLUE Downloading is Nov I. TODO: guided 8 helps to achieve 18 and within badges. This tool targeted in.

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The Scubapro Go Fins could also use more channels or vents for stability, speed, and thrust. However, as we said, for fins that cost so little, they are a pretty good option to keep in mind. The Scubapro Go Fins are best used by beginners, occasional scuba divers, and people who like to travel to reach the best dive sites. They are not the fanciest and they probably are not ideal for pro divers swimming in demanding waters, but for everyone else, they should work just fine.

No, these fins are best used for casual leisurely diving, not for strenuous deep water and strong current diving. These fins can be worn barefoot or with neoprene socks. The bottom line is, the Scubapro Go Fins are really nice fins to go with.

They are small, compact, and lightweight, making them perfect for travel. They might not have the most features or provide the most thrust, but they work well for occasional leisurely dives in warm tropical waters. Have you used or owned these fins? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment below. Mares Avanti Quattro. Scubapro Seawing Nova. Scubapro Classic Jet Fins. Atomic Split Fins. Tusa X-Pert Zoom Z3. Scubapro Twin Jet. Tusa Hyflex Switch. Scubapro Go Fins. Aqua Lung Storm.

Move through the water with greater effiency and more control with any of our top 10 pick of the best scuba fins on the market today. Best Scuba Fins of Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Want to learn more about scuba diving, scuba dive gear, or dive locations? Subscribe to our FREE scuba newsletter and stay updated. By entering your email address you agree to get a weekly email newsletter from ScubaDiverHQ.

We respect your privacy and you can unsubscribe at any time. Automated page speed optimizations for fast site performance. Share 0. Tweet 0. Our Score:. Overall Score. Scubapro Go Travel Fins: Specifications. Travel-Friendly One of the best features of the Scubapro Go Fins is that they are designed specifically for travel.

Durable Construction Another awesome feature is the fact that the Scubapro Go Fins are made with ultra-strong Monprene. Barefoot Design The fact that the Scubapro Go Fins can be worn without boots or neoprene socks is pretty cool, as it makes things a little more comfortable. Vented Foot Pockets First off, the foot pockets are anatomically and ergonomically designed to be as comfortable as possible.

Foot Pocket. Slightly Negative. Weight Approx. Length Approx. Compare Scuba Fins. Design: 7. Functionality: 8. Durability: Price: What We Like We do like how these fins are so travel-friendly. A nice touch is provision of bungee-straps with swivel buckles and oversized thumb-loops. These make the fins easy to don and doff, especially when holding one-handed onto a ladder in a swell.

The loops can also be used to hang the fins from a BC clip for walking around the dive-site, and are also great for rental-locker stowage. Usefully, the fin-size marking is visible inside the foot-pocket, allowing dive-centre staff to view it easily. The fins also have a slot at the end of the blade, supposedly so that you can clip them together at the bottom, securing them by lashing them together at the heel and passing one bungee over both fins.

The Go Travel is available in different colours, allowing sizes to be colour-coded for schools use. I chose white because it makes it easy to white-balance a camera, leaving your hands free to operate the WB controls.

A natural sea pool there has a narrow channel at high tide through which the waves backwash, creating a powerful but short-lived rip that effortlessly carries you out into the Atlantic Ocean. Once before I had surged out to find myself caught in a strong longshore current that carried me swiftly along the coast. My snorkelling split-fins, which had been fine in a swimming pool, now showed their inadequacies as I fought to return to the safety of land.

Never one to miss the chance to repeat a mistake, I took the Go Travels back into this proving ground. I found on that dive and subsequent ones in mild current and a bit of surface chop that they worked very well. Nor could I fault them for getting me down to 9 or 10m and back.

I love snorkelling, and Lanzarote is a favourite chilling destination for me. That a pair of these fins means that I can pack a complete snorkelling set, underwater camera and a few clothes into a small rucksack and travel with just hand- luggage is hugely attractive. I also hooked them onto the side of my camera bag for a trip to the tiny Canarian island of La Graciosa, along with a snorkel , mask and roll-up Red Original microfibre towel and flask to hike along the shoreline in search of snorkelling sites.

Again, these lightweight fins encourage this kind of self-contained rambling. Scuba-diving was a different matter. Native Diving at Costa Teguise was hosting my visit, and I grabbed a scuba-set and crossed the road from the dive-centre to test the fins in the adjacent lagoon.

There was no current. Hit current, such as in the Maldives , and you and the Gos will, I think, be going backwards. And I would not want to attempt a rescue lift or tow of a fully equipped diver in these fins. The fault, in my opinion, is not in the product, only in the expectation management. Scubapro offers a range of fins much more appropriate to scuba-diving but, of course, they are larger and heavier.

Making fins small, light and efficient is not a circle that is easily squared with a conventional fin design. One of the world's longest-established diving websites, and it contains a wealth of information about diving destinations, equipment, techniques and much more, as well of course daily news updates from around the world. Read our privacy policy for more info. PADI links with creatives to help save oceans.

Earth Day travel guilt? CO2 calculator covers liveaboards. Today 22 April is Earth Day, held annually since to demonstrate worldwide support for environmental protection. A wide range of events is co-ordinated by. Dive pros call for Malaysian regulatory body. The death of year old scuba diver Nathen Chesters after he, his father and two other divers had been separated from their boat has sparked.

Scuba Scene update: bookings to be honoured. In the wake of the news that Red Sea liveaboard Scuba Scene had caught fire but that all those aboard had been evacuated safely, as. Divers escape Red Sea liveaboard blaze. Red Sea diving liveaboard Scuba Scene has been gutted by a fire that broke out soon after its departure from Hurghada — but according to.

Diver magazine needs YOU! Are you still lamenting the demise of Diver magazine? Well now you can help resurrect an icon as we seek to bring back the magazine. Australian scuba activist dies on dive. A dedicated scuba diver, marine-biology educator and environmental campaigner from Victoria in south-eastern Australia has died while on a local recreational dive.

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